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Tungsten Tube

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We are supplier specialized in manufacturing tungsten tube. Producing process includes tungsten static pressure, medium frequency response sintering, CNC vertical lathe, CNC milling machines, centerless grinding, linear cutting tungsten tube widely used in thermocouple protection tube, sapphire crystal furnace and furnace, etc. Tungsten is usually treated by sintering, thickness 7mm. Tungsten tube can make heat zone stable. When heat inertia turns big, tungsten tube can lengthen period of sapphire growth. Tungsten tube is made by rolling sheet, biggest wall thickness 2mm, having low thermal inertia. But they are not as durable as regular products.

Sintered Tungsten Tube

Because the melting point of tungsten can reach 3400℃, sintered tungsten tube is widely used for industrial furnace such as sapphire growth furnace, quartz glass melting furnace and rare earth melting furnace. Because of its high availability, tungsten tube is more and more widely applied to solar energy, optoelectronics industry and quartz glass melting field. Diameter of the sintered W tube is smaller than 500mm, length shorter than 1300mm. We can offer W tube with high precision. Surface is bright and clean.

Tungsten Tube

There are two kinds of tungsten tubes. One is that diameter ranges from 7 to 90mm, wall thickness over 2mm, longest length 400mm and density is not smaller than 18.9/cm3. The other is that diameter ranges from 60 to 600mm, wall thickness over 7mm, longest length 800mm and density is not smaller than 18.4g/cm3. Our W tube products have high accuracy and clean surface.

Tungsten Ring

Because of the strength and heat resistance of tungsten ring, it is applied to industry for a long time. The high heat resistance of tungsten makes it totally appropriate to produce incandescent bulb. Its hardness is 4 times of steel. Tungsten ring is a machined product. The highest melting point of tungsten ring is 3410℃. The hardness of tungsten is 7.

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