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Tungsten Tube

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We are a professional supplier of tungsten tubes. The production flow includes static pressing of tungsten tubes, medium frequency induction sintering, CNC vertical lathe, CNC milling machine, centerless grinder, and wire cutting. Tungsten tube is widely used in thermocouple protection tubes, sapphire single crystal furnaces, high temperature furnaces, etc. Tungsten is usually processed into a 7mm thick tungsten tube with a thickness of 7mm by sintering. Tungsten tube can stabilize the hot zone. When the thermal inertia is large, tungsten tube can prolong the growth cycle of sapphire. The tungsten tube is rolled from the tungsten plate with a maximum wall thickness of 2mm and low thermal inertia. While its reliability and durability is not as good as conventional products.

Sintered Tungsten Tube

Because of tungsten’s high melting point of 3400 ℃, sintered tungsten tube is widely used in industrial furnaces such as sapphire growth furnace, quartz glass furnace and rare earth smelting furnace. Due to its high utilization rate, tungsten tube is more and more widely used in solar energy, photoelectric industry and quartz glass melting field. We can produce sintered tungsten tubes in the diameters not exceeding 500mm and lengths not exceeding 1300mm. We can provide high-precision tungsten tubes with smooth surface, excellent straightness and high temperature creep resistance.

Tungsten Tube

There are two types of tungsten tubes: one is the tungsten tube with the diameter of 7-90mm, wall thickness more than 2mm, maximum length of 400mm and density not less than 18.9g/cm3. The other is with the diameter of 60-600mm, wall thickness greater than 7mm, maximum length of 800mm and density not less than 18.4g/cm3. Our tungsten tubes have high-precision, with smooth surfaces and excellent straightness.

Tungsten Ring

Tungsten ring is applied in industry for a long time because of its properties of strong strength and heat resistance. The high heat resistance of tungsten makes it completely suitable for filament incandescent bulb. Its hardness is four times that of steel, and tungsten can also be processed into heavier tools. Tungsten ring is a kind of ring processed product. Its highest melting point is 3410 ℃. The Mohs hardness of tungsten ring is 7.5.

Regular Size of Our Regular Tungsten Tube
Material  Shape OD inch OD mm ID inch ID mm Length inch Length mm
W tungsten tube 0.28" 7.112 mm 0.16" 4.064 mm 4" 101.6 mm
W tungsten tube 0.35" 8.89 mm 0.2" 5.08 mm 20" 508 mm
W tungsten tube 0.48" 12.192 mm 0.32" 8.128 mm  32" 812.8 mm
W tungsten tube 2" 50.8 mm 1.58" 40.132 mm 32" 812.8 mm
W tungsten tube 5.8" 147.32 mm 4.9" 124.46 mm 40" 1016 mm
We can produce the tungsten tubes according to your requirement.

Chemical Composition of Pure Tungsten Tube
Element % maximum
C 0.01 max
O 0.01 max
N 0.01 max
Fe 0.01 max
Ni 0.01 max
Si 0.01 max

The production process of tungsten tubes

The production process of tungsten tubes

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