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Tungsten Heater

  • Tungsten Heater

Tungsten heater is made by tungsten wire and it is the heating source of sapphire growth. It is an important role to form solution turbulence and longitudinal temperature tilt. Its quality control for sapphire crystal, energy saving and products service life have important meanings. Our company can produce sapphire crystal growth furnace and tungsten heater as customer’s drawing. The purity of the tungsten heater is over or equal to 99.95%. Density is 19.1 g/cm3. and it has the feature of corrosion resistance.

Tungsten Heating Element

Tungsten heating element means a lot for controlling quality of sapphire growth. It can prolong service life of the product. The purity of tungsten heating element is over or equal to 99.95%. Density of this kind of tungsten heating element is higher than 19.1g/cm3. Application environment temperature should not be over 2400℃. Our company can produce tungsten heating element as customer’s drawing.

Tungsten Mesh Heater

Tungsten mesh heater element is a bit of complicated in chip design, having more advantageous than other kinds of heaters. It has a better surface thermal effects and smooth heat distribution. Furnace temperature can be maintained to be better consistence. Resistance value of tungsten mesh heater element is easier to be controlled. Within reasonable range and costs, electric current and voltage are easy to be controlled. Fitting and adjusting are not easy to break. It is convenient to fix and maintain. If sometimes tungsten wire breaks, main resistance value will not change, which will not affect normal usage.

Tungsten Shield

As a supportive tool, tungsten shield is widely used in crystal growth furnace for protecting furnace temperature. It helps to assist consistence, efficiency and energy consumption in the heat zone and highest temperature working.

Tungsten Shelf

Tungsten shelf is used for high temperature vacuum furnace, for example vacuum annealed furnace, vacuum sintered furnace, heat pressing furnace and so on. Tungsten shield has big weight and is fragile. Due to its high melting points, tungsten shelf is relatively high temperature. We can produce tungsten shelf as customer’s requirements. Tungsten shelf can be made by riveting and welding. Highest working temperature is 2450℃. They are supplied in vacuum or reducing environment. Tungsten shelf is annealed. Purity can reach 99.97%.

Tungsten Tray

Tungsten tray is used for supporting tungsten crucible and sapphire growth furnace. We use tungsten purity over 99.95% to make tungsten tray. Tungsten tray has big weight and is fragile. It has high melting point 3410℃. Tungsten tray has high density and excellent mechanical process. Tungsten tray is usually made by riveting and welding. The highest working temperature of tungsten tray is 2400℃. They are applied to vacuum and reducing environment. Our products are annealed.

Tungsten Strip Heater

Tungsten strip heater is generally used for high temperature vacuum furnace heating. Its working temperature ranges from 1800℃ to 3000℃. Tungsten strip heater can also be applied to MOCVD equipment and heating elements. It is high temperature resistance and electric arc resistance. Tungsten strip heater has fantastic electric conductivity, high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion. Tungsten strip heater has high mechanical properties, heat resistance, good uniformity and low deformation.

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