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TZM Sheet & Plate

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TZM sheet plate is the alloy sheet made of tungsten, zirconium and molybdenum. Features of TZM sheet plate are corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and strong toughness. Low heat expansion coefficient, evaporation press and good mechanical properties make TZM sheet plate supplied in various fields such as military, distribution valve of the torpedo engine, rocket engine nozzle, gas pipelines and throat. Also TZM sheet plate can be used for glass melting furnace mixer of the color kinescope, radiation shield, support, heat exchanger, nuclear equipment track rod, furnace wall, heat shield in furnace and hot isostatic pressing. Production way of making TZM alloy is smelting and metallurgy.

TZM is widely supplied for aviation, aerospace and other fields such as: making nozzle materials, gas pipe material, materials in electric tubes and so on. TZM is also used for semi-conductor products, medical field as well as cathode component of X ray target. On the other side, TZM sheet plate can be supplied for making high temperature furnace’s heating element, heat shield and light alloy casting, etc.

TZM Plate

The surface of TZM plate has metal luster and silver grey. Its crystallization temperature, high creep strength and high temperature tensile strength is much higher than pure molybdenum. TZM plate has high melting points, high strength, high elastic modulus, high expansion coefficient, high evaporation press, good electric conductivity, thermal conductivity, strong corrosion resistance and good high temperature mechanical properties. The purity of TZM plate can reach 99.95%. Density is 9.8g-10g/cm3. Structure is well proportioned. TZM plate has good mechanical properties. Before delivery, our TZM plate products will be vacuum annealed and flatness will be measured.

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