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Molybdenum and Tungsten Crucible for Crystal Growth

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Introduction of Crucible

Molybdenum and tungsten crucibles play an important role in sapphire production. Because Al2O3 needs to be melted in molybdenum and tungsten crucibles. The single crystal compound of Al2O3 stretched out after full melting is an important link in the production process of sapphire. The degree of melting determines the quality of the single crystal compound.

The purity and density of the crucible are determined by the level of powder metallurgy technology. We have rich experience in powder metallurgy. Therefore, our molybdenum crucibles and tungsten crucibles have high density and purity. In addition, in order to produce high quality crucible, it is important to ensure the mold is filled accurately during the production process. Our experienced production personnel could accurately fill the mold, and precisely control the temperature when sintering, so that the crucible we produced has a uniform wall thickness. Besides, during the production, we repeatedly heated the crucible to more than 2000 ℃ and then cooled it again, so that the performance of the crucible we made is very excellent. In addition, the roughness of the crucible will not only affect the crystal growth, but also shorten the service life of the crucible. Because the rough surface will limit the release of sapphire, which always leads to the quality problem of crystal. The crystal with quality problem will damage the light crucible. The surface roughness of our tungsten crucible is below 0.8μm, which is very suitable for extracting sapphire. The service life of the crucible is also long.

Crucible for Crystal Growth

We also produce the crucible specially used for sapphire production. The concept of this crucible is carried out in the way of heat exchange. The molybdenum crucible and the tungsten crucible are perfect containers for melting and curing single crystals. Because the purity of the crucible is very high, there will be no impurity pollution to the single crystal, so the wall of our forming crucible is very thin and uniform. We can also make the crucible according to the drawings you provided.

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