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Tungsten Copper Rod

  • Tungsten Copper Rod
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We are supplier specialized in manufacturing tungsten copper alloy rod. Tungsten copper alloy rods have high plasticity and high conductivity. Our tungsten copper alloy rods are processed by high purity of tungsten powder, copper powder and isostatic techniques. Both tungsten copper rods’ electrical and thermal conductivity are good. Moreover, it owns low expansion and high temperature resistance.

Tungsten Copper Rod

We can change its chemical proportion to meet different requirements according to thermal expansion coefficient of tungsten copper alloy rod and thermal conductivity.

Our tungsten copper alloy rods can be supplied for the electric cooling device. It is common for tungsten copper rods to be used as electrodes. EDM electrodes have the following features: super high temperature, low loss rate. Tungsten copper rods are stable during the process of discharge.

Package Inspection

We will offer material certificate after finishing production which includes chemical properties, mechanical properties, size and so on. Our products are packed by wooden boxes specialized for exportation. All of our products are separated by wet-proof paper.

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