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Molybdenum Electrode

  • Molybdenum Electrode
  • Molybdenum Electrodes

We are a professional supplier of molybdenum electrode. Molybdenum electrode has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance. It has long service life and good corrosion resistance. It can be used to stabilize the color of glass.

Molybdenum Electrode

Diameter of our molybdenum electrodes ranges from 30mm to 120mm; The length is from 100mm to 1800mm; We can provide molybdenum electrodes according to customers' drawings. The purity of molybdenum electrode can reach 3N and its density is 9.7-10g/cm3.

Molybdenum electrode is widely applied in daily glass melting and optical glass melting. It is also used as thermal insulation material in the glass fiber industry and rare earth industry.

Packaging Inspection

After the production is completed, we will conduct quality inspection and provide the quality inspection sheet which includes the material name, chemical composition analysis, mechanical properties, dimensions, etc. Our products are packed in specialized export wooden cases. All the products in the cases are separated by moisture-proof paper.

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