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Lanthanated Tungsten Electrodes

The most common lanthanum-tungsten electrode contains 2% lanthanum trioxide (La203), known as lanthanum oxide. In Europe and Japan, lanthanated tungsten electrode often takes the place of thorium tungsten electrode in most applications. There are three kinds of lanthanated tungsten electrodes: 2% lanthanated tungsten electrodes, 1.5% lanthanated tungsten electrodes and 1% lanthanated tungsten electrodes. The test results of 2% lanthanated tungsten electrodes indicate that if there is no overload current, the life of lanthanated tungsten electrode is longer than that of thorium-tungsten electrode, and lanthanated tungsten electrode is easier to start arc in most applications.

Lanthanum in lanthanated tungsten electrode is a kind of rare earth and has no radioactivity. This kind of lanthanated tungsten electrode is mainly used in DC welding and also has good performance in AC welding.

The 1.5% lanthanated tungsten electrode has the conductivity property close to that of 2.0% thorium-tungsten electrode. Therefore, the welding workers can easily change the electrode without changing the parameters of the equipment.

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