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Tungsten Polymer

  • Tungsten Polymer
  • Polymer Tungsten

Tungsten polymer is commonly known as soft tungsten and tungsten rubber.

Characteristics and Advantages

1. The Material properties: we produce the metal polymeric composites by mixing the flexible rubber, silica gel and the polymer with the best shielding metal powder metal powder. It shows a lot of advantage.

(1) High shielding ability: it’s shielding performance of high-energy rays is much better than that of lead and lead alloys. So it can shield high-energy rays to the maximum range.

(2) Green environmental protection: Non-toxic environmental protection, production and use of the process is no pollution to the environment. And it is ideal substitute material to the traditional shielding material-lead.

(3) Density controllable: the density and shielding properties of materials can be adjusted according to the requirements.

(4) High flexibility: the softy is the same as rubber, silicone.

2, Processing characteristics: we use special processing technology to make thickness of materials to be different according to demand.

3.Recycling: recycling production, saving resources and protecting environment.

Applications: medical imaging, radiotherapy systems, nuclear medicine, security systems, industrial CTs, nuclear industries, the protection of equipment and personnel etc.

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