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High Temperature Heating Elements Wire

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Introduction of Heating Elements Wire

Due to the existence of resistance, there will be heat generated when the electric current passes through the heating element. Heating element converts electrical energy into heat. This is the phenomenon of electric heating. The heating element wire generates heat because of the same principle. Heating element wire provides heat for furnace, so it plays an important role in vacuum furnace, crystal growth furnace and sapphire crystal growth furnace. Since the wire is responsible for producing high temperature, it needs to have high melting point and good thermal conductivity.

Types of Heating Elements Wire

Common heating element wires include: Molybdenum heating element wire, Tungsten heating element wire and Molybdenum-Tungsten alloy wire.

Features of Heating Elements Wire

The diameter of the heating wire will affect its use temperature, so the larger the diameter of the heating element wire is, the less likely it is to deform in high temperature use. Due to the long-time exposure in the high temperature environment, there will be a layer of oxide film on the surface of the heating element wire. The film will age after a period of time, and then a new one will be produced, which makes the heating wire continuously consumed. Heating element wire with large diameter keeps longer service life.

The heating element wire we produce can be straight wire or coiled wire which can be customized according to the requirements of customers.

Application of Heating Elements Wire

Vacuum Furnace, Crystal Growth Furnace and Sapphire Crystal Growth Furnace.

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