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Molybdenum Lanthanum Rod

  • Molybdenum Lanthanum Rod
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Based on molybdenum, through adding oxidized lanthanum, we can produce molybdenum lanthanum rod it has higher re-crystallization temperature, good ductility and abrasive resistance. Re-crystallization temperature of molybdenum lanthanum is higher than 1500℃. Our molybdenum lanthanum rod has passed ASTM B386 standard.

Molybdenum lanthanum can be used for illumination, electric vacuum equipment, components of cathode-ray tube, power semiconductor device, producing glass and fiber glass, interior parts of the bulb, high temperature heat insulation screen, annealed wire, electrode and high temperature container.

Molybdenum Lanthanum (Mo-La) Rod

The length of MoLa rod we can produce is based on our customer’s requirement. Diameter can reach 0.20 inch to 4 inch. MoLa rod has high strength, unified interior structure and good characteristic of high temperature creep resistance. The key to produce molybdenum lanthanum rod is the purity of molybdenum and proportion of mixed molybdenum and lanthanum. We can produce MoLa alloy products as customer’s requirement.

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