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Tungsten rod bar can be divided into two categories: one is for finished tungsten rod bar. The other is for drawing wire semi-finished rough rod material. It has two processing ways: spinning machining and holes rolled. We own exquisite machining techniques. The tungsten rod bar we produce has good characteristics of extremely strong electrodes, high temperature of oxidation resistance, long service life and corrosion resistance.

We can produce tungsten rod as customer’s drawing. The surface of tungsten bar is clean. The surface is washed by chemical cleaning to remove all of the lubricant and oxide. Tungsten rod is mainly used for heater, support, feeder and fastener in high temperature furnace vacuum and reducing environment. Furthermore, W rod can be the light source in illumination field, electrode and rare earth melting in glass field and welded equipment.

Tungsten rod bar can be made into tungsten wire. Due to the big hardness of tungsten, small mechanical abrasion and refractoriness, tungsten material is widely used for electric connected touch for mobile motor distributor, voltage regulator of automobile engine and electric system. In addition, tungsten rod bar can be supplied for electrodes, electric tube bars, side bar, quoted line, gas lamp electrodes, high efficient incandescent filament, filament tube, launched tube cathode, senior automotive crankshafts and so on.

Swaged Tungsten Rod

Swaged tungsten rod is made through constant swaging. After centerless grinding, surface diameter’s completeness and accuracy have improved. The W bar can be machined into various shapes, but the most common shape is cylinder. The tensile strength of tungsten bar has promoted 1050MPa to 1200MPa after swaged. Swaged tungsten bar is made by forging and sintering tungsten block.

Tungsten Support Rod

Tungsten support rod has a better function as a bearing component in vacuum furnace such as thermal property, mechanical stability, configuration and service life. In the meantime, tungsten support rod can be made into all kinds of styles. Comparatively speaking, tungsten support rod is the best choice for excellent high temperature application. Tungsten support rod has provided superior mechanical properties and tensile strength.

Sintered Tungsten Rod Bar

Sintered tungsten bar is always used for vacuum high temperature furnace such as sapphire single crystal furnace. Sintered tungsten bar’s density is 18.3 g/cm3. Basically it is close to tungsten theorical density. Sintered W bar are high temperature resistance. Sintered tungsten bar’s melting points can reach 3380℃. Sintered W bar also have characteristic of creep resistance.

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