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Molybdenum Tungsten

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Molybdenum Tungsten

The tungsten content of most molybdenum tungsten alloy is from 30% to 50%. There are two producing methods to making molybdenum tungsten alloy: sintered powder metallurgy processing and smelting processing. They can be made into various shapes, such as: rod, sheet, wire and so on. The molybdenum tungsten alloy which contains 30% tungsten has the property of excellent corrosion resistance to liquid zinc. It can be used as mixers, pipes, containers and other components in zinc industry.

In molybdenum-tungsten alloys, the higher the content of tungsten, the higher the melting point of the alloy will be. According to the different proportion of alloy, the tungsten molybdenum alloy melting point range is between 2620 ℃ to 3410 ℃.Therefore, you can select the appropriate alloy proportion according to the working environment and specific requirements.

The higher the content of tungsten, the higher the density and lattice parameter of tungsten-molybdenum alloy will be. The hardness and strength of the same alloy will also increase. When the tungsten-alloy content is between 90% and 100%, the alloy will have the highest room temperature hardness. The hardness is more than twice of pure molybdenum (3530~3860MPa). When the tungsten content is between 70% and 85%, the alloy will have the highest high temperature hardness. If you would like to purchase molybdenum tungsten from China, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.