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Molybdenum Heater

  • Molybdenum Heater

We are professional supplier of molybdenum heaters. We can provide molybdenum heating products tailored to clients’ needs.

Molybdenum Frame

The surface of molybdenum frames is silvery white. The purity can reach 3N5 after vacuum annealing. In terms of thermal expansion rate, our molybdenum frames are lower than other metals for commercial purposes. Our molybdenum frames are manufactured through riveting and welding. We can tailor our molybdenum frames to the needs of the clients.

Molybdenum frames are used as parts in high-temperature vacuum furnaces, vacuum annealing furnaces, vacuum sintering furnaces and hot-pressing furnaces.

Molybdenum Shield

We use rivets to fix molybdenum protection cover. The highest melting point of our molybdenum protection cover is 2622°C. It has high density and excellent mechanic working performance. The holes on the molybdenum protection cover are measured by high definition instrument CNC. In vacuum and reducing gas environment, the highest working temperature for molybdenum protection covers is 1700°C. The walls of the molybdenum protection covers are designed to be between 0.5mm and 2.5mm. The thicker the wall is, the longer the service life will be. Molybdenum protection covers are heavy and fragile.

Molybdenum protection covers are used for heat preservation inside the furnace and crystal growth. They can help adjust temperature, efficiency and energy consumption. Molybdenum protection covers can also be used as the headlights in motorcycles. Similarly, molybdenum heating hoses can be used in lighting industry.

Molybdenum Tray

Our molybdenum trays are made of high-quality molybdenum plates. Riveting and welding are usually adopted for the manufacture of molybdenum trays. In vacuum and reducing gas environment, the highest working temperature for molybdenum trays is 2400°C.

Molybdenum trays are mainly used in sintering and annealing of metals and non-metals in reducing gas environment. Similarly, they can also be used in boat sintering of powdered products and well sintered ceramics.

Molybdenum Strip Heater

Molybdenum band heaters are manufactured of high-quality molybdenum, molybdenum-lanthanum alloy and TZM alloy. Within a certain temperature range, the service span of molybdenum band heaters is longer than similar products. Molybdenum band heaters have high mechanical performance and high heat resistance. The deformation rate of molybdenum band heaters is low. We can also manufacture molybdenum band heaters according the drawings provided by the clients.

Molybdenum band heaters are widely used in vacuum annealing furnaces and the heating of the vacuum sintering furnaces.

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