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Ceriated Tungsten Electrodes

Ceriated tungsten electrode is a tungsten electrode product which is made by adding cerium oxide to tungsten base then manufactured through powder metallurgy and rolling, grinding and polishing. It is the first non-radioactive tungsten electrode product developed in China. The product is characterized by excellent arcing property and small pilot arc current under low current conditions. Therefore, it is commonly used in the welding of pipes, stainless steel products and small precision parts.

Ceriated tungsten electrode contains 2% cerium oxide. Ce-W electrode is suitable for DC welding at low voltage. Compared with pure tungsten electrode, ceriated tungsten electrode has lower combustion rate or evaporation rate. The higher the ceria content is, the more remarkable these advantages are.

The advantages of Ce-W electrode are no radiation, low melting rate and long service life. Compared with thorium-tungsten electrode, ceriated tungsten electrode has the following advantages: thorium-tungsten electrode has slight radiation, and it can only work under the high current conditions. However, Ce-W electrode is a kind of non-radiation welding material, and it can work under low current.

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