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Mo and W Heat Sink

  • Mo and W Heat Sink

Heat sink, the surface of heat sink can be nickel plating or gold plating.

Heat sink includes pure Mo heat sink, pure W heat sink and their alloys heat Sink.

W and Mo alloys heat sink includes WCu, MoCu alloys hat sink.

The regular sizes we produce are diameters of 2”(50.8 mm) and 4”(101.6 mm).

We produce tungsten-based alloys of high precision and demand – 80 series, 85 series and 90 series. Also we can produce the materials according to customer’s demand.

Pure tungsten, molybdenum and its alloys ultra thin sheet.

Our Ultra-Thin Sheets are made of pure tungsten, pure molybdenum, WNiFe, WNiCu, WCu.

The dimension of the Ultra-Thin Sheet: Thinness>=0.05 mm. We can produce the sheet according to your demand.

They are usually used in medical industries, semiconductor and aerospace.

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