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Molybdenum Lanthanum Tray

  • Molybdenum Lanthanum Tray

MoLa tray is mainly used for metals or sintering and annealing of the non-metals under reducing atmosphere. They are applied to boat sintering of powder products such as delicately sintered ceramics. Under certain temperature, molybdenum lanthanum alloy is easier to be re-crystallized which means it is not easy to deform and has a longer service life. Molybdenum lanthanum tray is exquisitely made by high density of molybdenum, lanthanum plates and excellent machining techniques. Normally molybdenum lanthanum tray is processed by riveting and welding.

Molybdenum Lanthanum (Mo-La) Tray

We have effective techniques and equipment to produce molybdenum lanthanum. We are supplier specialized in manufacturing molybdenum lanthanum tray in China. The surface of molybdenum lanthanum tray we make is free from scratches, rolling marks, wrinkles, dimples, inclisions, discoloration or blemishes of any kind. The working temperature of molybdenum lanthanum tray is 1700℃ used for vacuum or reducing environment. Our company can produce molybdenum lanthanum alloy tray for sintering furnace as customer’s drawing.

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