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Molybdenum Tube

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We are professional supplier of molybdenum tubes. The density of molybdenum tube targets is between 9.9g/cm3 and 10.1g/cm3. Our molybdenum tube targets have high hot hardness, high heat conductivity and the lowest heat expansion coefficient compared to any other metals for commercial use. We can manufacture molybdenum tube targets whose external diameter is shorter than or equal to 400mm and the length shorter than or equal to 1300mm.

Molybdenum Tube

The surface of our molybdenum tubes has silver-gray metallic luster and the density nearly reaches the theoretical density of 10.2g/cm3. Through vacuum annealing, the purity is greater than 3N. There are two types of molybdenum tubes: one with diameter of 70-80mm, and wall thickness bigger than 3mm and the maximum length 350mm; the other with diameter of 60-550mm, wall thickness bigger than 8mm and the maximum length 700mm.

Molybdenum Ring

The molybdenum ring is a round molybdenum machinery spare part. Its purity can reach 3N5. It has a high melting point, good electrical conductivity, small coefficient of thermal expansion and strong corrosion resistance. These help ensure the best working environment for molybdenum rings.

Molybdenum rings are widely used in national defense industry, electronic industry, aeronautics & astronautics and mechanical engineering. The parts of aircrafts’ wings and the screening materials of the mould are commonly use molybdenum.

Molybdenum Tube Target

Molybdenum tube targets belong to transition metals, silvery white and hard, and can only be used when it is over 650°C.

Molybdenum tube targets are widely used in the electronic tube components and high-temperature furnace heaters. Similarly, molybdenum tube targets are heavily used in solar energy industry and conductive glass industry.

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