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Molybdenum Sheet & Plate

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We are professional supplier of molybdenum sheets, molybdenum plates, molybdenum discs and sintered molybdenum sheets. We have our own hot mills, and four-high cold rolling mills. Molybdenum sheets can be manufactured through three processing techniques: hot rolling, warm rolling and cold rolling and the manufacture process involves stamping, bending, spinning and drawing. We also apply the technique of vacuum annealing to molybdenum lumps and molybdenum discs. Our products possess a stable inner structure with high density, high temperature resistance and high-level mechanic performance. We are able to manufacture a wide range of products, with the surface glossy, semi-glossy or satin. Our products are free from scratches, rolling marks, wrinkles, dimples, incisions, discoloration or blemishes of any kind. And they are all approved by ISO9001. Our molybdenum sheet has reached the standard of ASTM B 386.

Due to its high temperature and corrosion resistance, molybdenum can be used as: sapphire grower cover plate, heating band, heating element of high temperature furnace, insulating layers. Being a good electrical conductor, molybdenum is also used as the material of reflectors (halogen lamps in cars) and molybdenum electrodes. Health industry, crystal manufacturing, aeronautics, astronautics, nuclear energy and guided missile have commonly seen the use of molybdenum.

Molybdenum Sheet

The surface of our molybdenum sheets have silver-gray metallic luster. Its flatness is less than 2%. Purity is greater than 3N, and it conforms to ASTM B 386 standard. Our moly sheets are excellent in its mechanical performance and balanced in its inner structure.

Moly sheets are mainly used as the radial heat shield of the vacuum furnace, molybdenum electrodes, high temperature parts, sputtering targets, sapphire grower parts.

Molybdenum sheets are mainly used as the radial heat shield of the vacuum furnace, molybdenum electrodes, high temperature parts, sputtering targets, sapphire grower parts.

Molybdenum Plate

Our molybdenum plates are manufactured through extrusion, forge, rolling and annealing. The density is between 10g/cm3 and 10.2g/cm3. The surface of the plates goes through cold rolling and vacuum annealing.

Molybdenum plates can be used in health industry, sapphire grower, astronautics and aeronautics, nuclear energy and guided missiles.

Molybdenum Disc

The density of our molybdenum discs reaches 10.13g/cm3. The surface of it is gloss and has metallic luster.

The discs can be used as the connecting materials of silicon controlled rectifier diodes, transistor and thyristor, and also used as the cooling fin of large-scale integrated circuits and hybrid circuit, heating sintered pan and soleplate.

Sintered Molybdenum Plate

Our sintered molybdenum plate uses high-purity molybdenum powder, laying a solid foundation for our high-quality molybdenum sheets and discs, which can be used in target material processing and as parts in vacuum furnaces.

Packing and Inspection

After the manufacturing of the product, we will conduct Quality Inspection and issue Quality Certificate including the name of the material, the analysis of the chemical substances, mechanical performances and dimensions, etc. Our products are packed in specialized export crates and are separated by moist-proof paper.

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