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Hot Zones for Sapphire Crystal Growing

  • Molybdenum Hot Zones for Sapphire Crystal Growing
  • Tungsten heater

Introduction of Sapphire Crystal Growth Furnace

Crystal growth furnace is used to grow sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystal is an important material in LED(light-emitting diode) manufacturing. Crystal growth furnace has a unique hot zone design. When Alumina is put in the crucible, crystal growth furnace can melt alumina well and control crystal growth accurately. Molybdenum and tungsten materials are used in the hot zone, components and fixtures of the crystal growth furnace. Tungsten and molybdenum have high thermal conductivity and conductivity. Under the working environment higher than 2000 ° C, tungsten and molybdenum have low expansion coefficient and excellent strength. Therefore, they are widely used in the crystal growth industry. Molybdenum is generally used as the heat insulation part of sapphire growth furnace. The main function of molybdenum reflection shield in the furnace is to prevent heat loss and to reflect the heat back to the furnace.

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