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We are professional supplier of molybdenum crucibles. Most of the molybdenum crucibles are sintered with pure molybdenum powders. The reason to use pure molybdenum powders is that they can prevent impurities from generating when other metals are melted in the crucible. Molybdenum crucibles have properties of high temperature resistance and low pollution. We can manufacture crucibles of various sizes, thickness and tilting angles.

Sintered Molybdenum Crucible

The density of sintered molybdenum crucibles is between 9.4g/cm3 and 9.8g/cm3. The density of the forged products is 10.2g/cc. The purity is greater than 3N and the diameter of the moly crucible goes beyond 300mm. We can provide moly crucibles of all shapes, including round mouth crucible, taper crucible, oval crucible and bottomless crucible.

The highest working temperature of sintered moly crucibles should not exceed 1950ºC. The moly crucible is mainly used in metallurgical industry, machine industry, rare earth metallurgy, electronic industry, artificial lens and coating industry.

Molybdenum Crucible for Vacuum Coating

Through different processing methods, molybdenum crucibles take shape through various ways: sintering, molding, spinning, turning, and welding. The suitable temperature for molybdenum crucibles to do vacuum coating is between 1150ºC to 1750ºC. The melting point of the vacuum coating crucible is 2610ºC and the density is higher than the sintered crucibles.

Molybdenum crucibles are widely used in sapphire single crystal growth and the industry of silex glass, melting furnace and rare-earth smelting.

Shaped Molybdenum Crucible

In rare-earth smelting industry, moly crucibles are essential. We can produce all types of moly crucibles, round mouth moly crucible such as taper moly crucible, oval moly crucible and bottomless moly crucible. We can also custom made our products as clients' request. The impurity content of our molybdenum crucibles conform to GB/t3462-2007 standard. The temperature is between 1400ºC ~ 1900ºC.

The molybdenum crucibles are mainly used in smelting industry and also widely used in crystalline materials and other burgeoning high-tech industries.

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