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Molybdenum and Tungsten Fastener

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Introduction of Fastener

Fastener is a kind of mechanical part used to fasten two or more parts (or components) so that they can be connected. In the high temperature furnaces, the fasteners made of tungsten, molybdenum and their alloys ML and TZM are usually used.

The tungsten fasteners, molybdenum fasteners, molybdenum-lanthanum fasteners and TZM fasteners we produced are essential accessories in high temperature furnace.

Types of Fastener

Types of Fastener include: bolt, stud, screw, nut, tapping screw, washer and pin.

We use tungsten, molybdenum, ML and TZM to produce molybdenum bolts, molybdenum studs, molybdenum screws, molybdenum nuts, molybdenum tapping screws, molybdenum washers, molybdenum pins and the fasteners include tungsten fasteners, ML fasteners and TZM fasteners.

Quality Control of Fastener

For the development and design of fasteners, the most important aspect should be quality control. There are several key checkpoints from the initial feeding to the final product delivery. However, different inspection methods are applied at these checkpoints. The inspection related to the material receiving includes appearance, size, element, performance, harmful substance, etc.; in the inspection related to processing, more attention is paid to appearance, size, knocking experiment, forging streamline; the inspection of heat treatment includes: appearance, hardness, torque, tensile force, metallographic examination; the inspection related to surface treatment involves some hydrogen embrittlement tests, coating, salt spray, including a hazardous substance inspection before shipment. For the inspection of fastener size and appearance, we usually use the quadratic element, profilometer, CMM and image sorter (this is a full sorter); for the mechanical and chemical inspection of fasteners, we will use the hardness machine (Rockwell and Vickers), tensile machine and metallographic microscope; for the material inspection, the inspection equipment include a spectrum analyzer and salt spray tester.

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