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Tungsten foil adopts tungsten material that purity is higher than 99.95%. Density is close to 19.3g/cm3 (theorical density). The surface of tungsten foil has silver metal luster. Compared with lead, tungsten foil is easier to process. Tungsten foil can be cut and punched by common scissors. It has good thermoplastic. Therefore, it can form cylinder or complex curved shape. Our products are certified by ASTM B 760 standard.

Tungsten foil is cold-rolled sheet. The surface of general cold-rolled sheet often appears the following flaws: cracks, scratches, edge crack, etc. We have excellent processing technology, so tungsten foil we made can overcome these flaws. Standard thickness of tungsten foil is from 0.00029 "to 0.0035". According to the requirement of tungsten foil, we can provide excellently-qualified products.

Tungsten Foil

Tungsten foil can be used as radiation shield material. Equipment for radiation protection are widely used in aviation, aerospace, electronic, illumination, medical device, vacuum coating, electric vacuum furnace electrode and heat insulation shield etc. It is soft, flexible, foldable and durable after undertaking repeatable bending. Tungsten foil is easy to be treated and has no risk of pollution. We provide test report include material properties, density, damage detection and size, etc. Our products are packed by plywood box and foamed plastic or as customer's request.

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