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Tungsten foil is made of tungsten material with purity higher than 99.95%. Its density is close to 19.3g/cm3 (theoretical density). The surface of tungsten foil has silver metallic luster. Tungsten foil is easier to process than lead foil. It can be cut or punched with household scissors and made into shapes with any curved surfaces; it also has excellent thermoplasticity. Therefore, it has the ability to form cylindrical or complex surface shapes. Our products conform to ASTM B760.

Tungsten foil is cold-rolled sheet. Under common circumstances, cracks, scratches, edge cracks and other defects often appear on the surfaces of cold-rolled sheets. Benefit from our exquisite processing technology, our tungsten foil fully eliminates these defects. The standard thickness of tungsten foil is 0.00029 "to 0.0035". We can process products with accurate dimensions and good performance according to the processing requirements our client provided.

Tungsten foil can be used as flexible substrate and contact in thin film microcircuit. Tungsten foil can also be applied in the fields of semiconductor rectifiers, fuel cells, solar energy, microelectronics, optics, magnetism, micro electromechanical systems.

Tungsten Foil

As radiation shielding materials and radiation protection equipment, tungsten foil is widely used in aerospace, electronics, lighting, medical equipment, vacuum coating, electric vacuum furnace electrodes, heat shield, etc. It is soft, retractable, foldable and durable under repeated bending. Tungsten foil is easy for disposal and has no risks of contamination. The material composition table and inspection report we provide include density, flaw detection, dimension, etc. Our products are packed with foam plastics and plywood boxes.

Thickness of Our Regular Tungsten Foil
Material  Shape Thickness inch Thickness mm
W Tungsten Foil 0.002" 0.0508 mm
W Tungsten Foil 0.003" 0.0762 mm
W Tungsten Foil 0.004" 0.1016 mm
W Tungsten Foil 0.005" 0.127 mm
W Tungsten Foil 0.006" 0.1524 mm
W Tungsten Foil 0.007" 0.1778 mm
W Tungsten Foil 0.008" 0.2032 mm
W Tungsten Foil 0.009" 0.2286 mm
W Tungsten Foil 0.010" 0.254 mm
W Tungsten Foil 0.011" 0.2794 mm
W Tungsten Foil 0.012" 0.3048 mm
W Tungsten Foil 0.013" 0.3302 mm
W Tungsten Foil 0.014" 0.3556 mm
W Tungsten Foil 0.015" 0.381 mm
We can produce the tungsten foils according to your requirement.

Standard ASTM B760
Element Chemical Composition,% maximum
C 0.01 max
O 0.01 max
N 0.01 max
Fe 0.01 max
Ni 0.01 max
Si 0.01 max

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