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Niobium tantalum tungsten alloy

  • Mosten
  • 2 Aug

Niobium alloy based on niobium with tantalum and tungsten.

Niobium-tantalum-tungsten alloy has high tensile strength and creep deformation resistance.

The typical Nb-10W-10Ta alloy is formed by adding tantalum and tungsten, which are infinitely soluble with niobium, to niobium.

Nb-15W-20Ta-15Mo alloy can be obtained by adding the content of reinforcing elements in order to make full use of the easy processing characteristics of solid solution reinforced alloy.

In order to further improve the high temperature strength and creep resistance of the alloy, a small amount of active element zirconium is added to the Nb-Ta-W alloy, which forms dispersed ZrO2 and ZrC particles with oxygen and carbon in the matrix. In this way, dispersion strengthened Nb-10W-28Ta-1Zr alloy is obtained.

Niobium-tantalum-tungsten alloy is usually prepared by electron beam melting and vacuum arc melting. With conventional plastic processing technology, it can be made into plates, strips, rods, wires and forgings, which are used for manufacturing nuclear reactor components, space vehicles, high-performance jet engine turbine blades, missile parts and so on.

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