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Preparation of lanthanum molybdenum alloy wire

  • Mosten
  • 5 Jul

Molybdenum dioxide powder was used as raw material, and a certain amount of lanthanum nitrate aqueous solution (lanthanum oxide weight ratio content in 0.2%~0.8%) was mixed and dried. The doped molybdenum oxide powder was reduced, molded, sintered, and then fabricated into φ 0.18 mm molybdenum wire by rotary forging and wire drawing. High temperature molybdenum plate is also known as molybdenum-copper alloy plate or molybdenum-lanthanum plate or ML plate. By doping some oxidation mace into pure molybdenum, the recrystallization temperature of the material is significantly increased, and the creep resistance is greatly strengthened, thus extending the application range and service life of the product. Our company produces high temperature molybdenum plate molybdenum powder raw material purity is more than 99.95%, can provide various sizes and shapes of high temperature molybdenum products according to customer requirements. High temperature molybdenum plate in production after vacuum annealing to remove stress, has excellent processing performance, products are widely used in vacuum furnace molybdenum insulation screen, molybdenum heating element, furnace support frame, molybdenum container, film plating industry to make molybdenum boat, molybdenum box, cathode, and electronic industry to make high temperature molybdenum target and various high temperature molybdenum deep processing products. The quality of high temperature molybdenum plate produced by our company conforms to American standard ASTM-B386. Compared with pure molybdenum plate, high temperature molybdenum plate/molybdenum mace alloy plate has higher recrystallization temperature, stronger creep resistance, better welding performance, better high temperature strength and higher tensile strength.