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Tungsten crucible is one of the tungsten products which can be processed by sintering, deep stamping and rotatable machining. Sintered products are under the direction of powder metallurgy technology for example machined shape and welding craft. Tungsten crucible is the core vessel widely supplied for sapphire growth, quartz glass melting furnace, rare-earth furnace and other furnaces. Because tungsten’s melting points is 3410℃. The producing process tungsten crucible is tungsten powder-classification-batch- isostatic pressing-lathe-intermediate sintering-second lathe-packaging.

Sintered Tungsten Crucible

Sintered tungsten crucible is applied to many fields because its melting metals and metal oxide have certain corrosion resistant properties. It can be applied to fused corundum crystal growth techniques. Sintered tungsten crucible also can be hot evaporation and hot deposition’s container for various material in electrons.

Tungsten Crucible for Vacuum Coating

According to different manufacturing ways, the tungsten crucible for vacuum coating mainly are divided into sintering, pressing, rotatable, machining and welding shape, which machining shape is the most common. We suggest tungsten crucible for vacuum coating’s working temperature should be controlled below 2600℃. In the area of optical glass, tungsten crucibles for vacuum coating are mostly used for containers and heating elements of vacuumed coating machines. Also it owns high thermal conductivity and good hardness.

Shaped Tungsten Crucible

Shaped tungsten crucible is manufactured by a special production line having excellent quality and precision. We use the best raw material of tungsten. Purity is higher than 99.95%. Advanced techniques and special treatment are to make senior-machined products. The working temperature of shaped tungsten crucible ranges from 1400℃ to 2400℃. As extremely effective shaped tungsten crucibles, they are widely used in metallurgy and machining. Also it can be an applied to vacuumed and reducing atmosphere.

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