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Tungsten boats are machined by appointed molybdenum sheets through cutting, bending, welding, riveting and bead-welding. To ensure tungsten boats have long service life in high voltage, we are certain that they have orderly, neat and good welding.

Tungsten boats can be supplied for light industry, electronic, military and semi-conduct fields. For example, sintered delicate ceramics, condenser’s sintering, bell jar, electron beam coating, X-ray diagnosis target, crucibles, heating elements, X-ray shielding, sputtering targets, electrodes, semiconductor substrates, tube assembly, the emission cathode electron beam evaporation, ion implantation of the cathode and anode.

Tungsten Boat

Tungsten boats are applied to granulating material’s vacuumed evaporation container. Tungsten boats also can used to evaporate thin and short filament or those wet surfaced wire. Tungsten evaporation boats are fit in small sized evaporation system or mould working, like bell jar. As a special and effective boat’s container, tungsten boats are widely supplied for electron beam injection and vacuumed coating’s sintering and annealing.

Tungsten evaporation boats are made by a special production line. We guarantee we provide high quality of products to our customers. The tungsten raw material we adopt is high purity. We use advanced techniques and special way to the surface treatment. We can produce tungsten boats for vacuumed evaporation container according to customers’ drawings. All of our products conform to the standard and ISO9001 certificate.