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China has realized mass production of G6 super - sized molybdenum target material for semiconductor

It is reported that China has developed the first domestic G6 generation of ultra-large size high-end molybdenum target material with completely independent intellectual property rights, and realized mass production in this quarter. That means China is the first country in the asia-pacific region to be able to produce supersized molybdenum targets for semiconductors, and marks the end of Europe's monopoly on the core technology. Before that, China had to import a large amount of ultra-large high-end molybdenum target materials from abroad every year due to restrictions on production equipment and core technologies. In other words, there is still a technical gap in China's G6 super-large high-end molybdenum target material, which needs to be filled in time. This breakthrough just shows that our country has filled in the blank of this technology. In addition, the fact that China has taken a key step in localization of core materials for high-end displays is also obvious.

We all know about smartphones, tablets, color televisions, and so on, because we're exposed to them almost every day. They have OLED screens that we touch and stare at from time to time. With your fingers moving, let's move on. Of course, if you're looking at a mobile device, or a portable computer.

Molybdenum target material, also known as molybdenum sputtering target material, may be unfamiliar to many people, so you may not know it is one of the core materials in the semiconductor industry for a while, more specifically, it is a key core raw material in liquid crystal flat panel display. However, in fact, you can also say that it is very familiar to it, not only everywhere you can see it, but also a few hours or even a dozen hours a day with it. Yes, this "it" is the OLED screen of the mobile phone.

As we all know, material is the foundation. All products are inseparable from materials, high-end products and high-tech products put forward higher requirements on materials. So, looking at this, are you a little curious as to why molybdenum is one of the preferred sputtering targets for flat-panel displays?

In fact, before the use of chromium as a plane display wiring material. However, with the progress of The Times, the development of science and technology, and the process of large size and high precision of flat panel display, chromium can no longer meet the higher requirements of the comparative impedance of flat panel wiring material -- smaller than the impedance. Also, environmental protection should be considered. Therefore, molybdenum, with high melting point, high conductivity, good corrosion resistance and other characteristics, and its specific impedance and film stress is only 1/2 of chromium, and that is, molybdenum is an environmental protection material, do not need to worry about environmental pollution. Therefore, molybdenum has become one of the preferred materials for sputtering target material of flat panel display. Very important is, introduce according to the expert, molybdenum still can promote the brightness of liquid crystal display greatly, contrast, colour to wait for a performance and prolong its service life.

As we all know, flat panel display is developing rapidly. However, before that, there was no professional company specializing in producing high-end molybdenum sputtering target materials in China, and the headquarters of major target material manufacturers around the world were mostly concentrated in Japan and the United States. Therefore, in this way, China has not only broken the relative monopoly position of foreign molybdenum sputtering targets, but also greatly boosted the market demand of domestic molybdenum sputtering targets since then. In other words, China's existing OLED panel production lines no longer need to import ultra-large, high-end molybdenum targets from abroad. This also means that our country has grasped more market opportunities in this technology field, and need not be restricted by foreign countries anymore!