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New nanoceramics reinforced high performance tungsten-molybdenum alloy has been successfully developed

Tungsten, molybdenum and its alloys with high melting point, high temperature strength and good in anti reting, radiation protection, etc, are widely used in aerospace, national defense war industry, medical equipment, new and high technology fields such as electric energy, has an important strategic position in national economy, based on this, the national natural science fund and the national, provincial and municipal project funding, henan university of science and technology take the lead in several scientific research institutions and industry backbone enterprises set up a "tungsten molybdenum materials of advanced equipment and processing technology of henan province industry innovation strategy alliance" (hereinafter referred to as the "tungsten molybdenum industry alliance"), after many years of research, The alliance was the first to prepare a new generation of self-generated nano ceramic particles to enhance the high performance tungsten-molybdenum alloy by coprecipitation and co-decomposition.

The technology with soluble molybdenum tungsten salt, salt and the nitrate as raw material, through liquid-liquid mixing, coprecipitation, decomposition, combination of powder metallurgy technology, to develop a new generation of tungsten, molybdenum alloys and the preparation of nanometer ceramic particles reinforced, by synthesis technology, fundamentally solves the traditional way to join the rough ceramic particles and the problem of uneven distribution. At the same time, through crystallization, sintering and hot pressing technology, the tungsten-molybdenum grains were refined and well combined with the tungsten-molybdenum matrix interface, which significantly improved the strength, hardness, thermal-vibration resistance and high-temperature wear resistance of the tungsten-molybdenum alloy, greatly increased the service life of the tungsten-molybdenum alloy, and widened the application range of the tungsten-molybdenum alloy.

According to introducing, since tungsten molybdenum industry association was founded, original technology research, new product research and development, vigorously boost industrial optimization and upgrading, solved many technical problems, produced a number of scientific research achievements, make our country in the field of tungsten and molybdenum materials research and development in the international advantage, tungsten molybdenum processing industrial structure upgrade in China has a great role in promoting.