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The first batch of rare earth tungsten mining total indicators have been released this year

The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice on April 30 stating that the first batch of rare earth and tungsten concentrate mining quotas have been released in 2018. The first batch of indicators was released according to 70% of the previous year, namely, rare earth was 73,500 tons and tungsten concentrate was 63,900 tons. The total amount of mining in the whole year will be released in due course in the second quarter.

In an interview with the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the non-ferrous metal researcher said that from the content of the notice, it is impossible to determine whether the annual mining index of rare earth can maintain 105,000 tons (the total amount last year). The notice did not include “waste recycling” into the indicator for the time being. The distribution of quotas by provinces and cities is exactly the same as last year, and there is no particular inclination.

Recently, tungsten prices have been at a high level. The current mainstream price of the main rare earth cerium oxide market is between 44-45 million yuan/ton. The mainstream prices of antimony oxide and antimony oxide are both around 340,000 yuan / ton. According to relevant sources, the market remained weak and the price showed a slight downward trend. The upstream producers began to reduce their enquiries, and the wait-and-see sentiment was strong. At present, most of the market bidders are traders. There are not many orders from downstream companies, resulting in prices still under pressure. Researchers in the non-ferrous industry believe that the news of the first batch of rare earth and tungsten concentrate mining indicators this year will not pose a special stimulus for market prices.