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Superlarge tungsten deposit discovered in Dongping, Wuning County, Jiangxi Province

The team of the chief expert of the Jiangxi Geological Survey Research Institute, Lou Fasheng, discovered the super-large tungsten mine in Dongping, Wuning County.

The team successfully used the “five-storey” metallogenic model of the Weinan quartz vein type black tungsten mine, which lasted for 6 years and continued to explore the mine.

Total exploration reserves of Dongping deposit: retaining tungsten ore (122b+332+333) ore volume of 47729 thousand tons, metal amount (tungsten trioxide) 213941 tons, average grade 0.448%; retaining low grade tungsten ore (332+333) ore The amount is 6105 kilotons, the metal amount (tungsten trioxide) is 5946 tons, and the average grade is 0.097%.

Its reserves exceed the tungsten deposits of Fujian Luoluo, Hunan Yaogangxian and Jiangxi Xihuashan, and become the largest black tungsten deposit in China and the world.

The deposit has the characteristics of large scale, high grade, easy to pick and choose. The discovery of the Dongping deposit enriches and perfects the metallogenic theory and metallogenic regularity of the “five-storey” quartz vein type tungsten deposit, and expands the prospecting space, prospecting and prospecting direction of the tungsten deposit in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. It is proposed that there are 160Ma±, 150~145Ma and 135~125Ma three-stage tungsten mineralization in the northern part of the North.