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Experts recommend speeding up the development of the Shapinggou molybdenum mine in Jinzhai, Anhui

Recently, the Anhui Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration and the Jinzhai County People's Government of Anhui Province invited experts from the fields of geology, minerals and the environment to hold an expert demonstration meeting on the development of the Jinping Shapinggou molybdenum mine in Jinzhai County. According to the preliminary design, the construction period of Shapinggou molybdenum mine is 4.5 years, and the annual output value is expected to reach 4.168 billion yuan. Experts suggest that the development of Shapinggou molybdenum mine be accelerated, and the resource advantages will be transformed into development advantages and economic advantages at an early date for the benefit of the people of the old district.

The Shapinggou molybdenum mining area in Jinzhai County has a proven amount of 2.549 million tons of molybdenum metal, with an average grade of 0.14%, of which the amount of rich ore nuclear molybdenum metal is 1.06 million tons, and the grade is as high as 0.36%. The mine is large in scale, high in grade, easy to pick and easy to choose, and is a rare super high-quality molybdenum deposit at home and abroad.

According to the mine design and expert opinion, the mine will use underground mining, and the mining design will create a digital mine with automation, intelligence and visualization standards. According to the preliminary design, the annual mining stone is 10 million tons and the service life can reach 100 years. The development system of the main and auxiliary wells 4 auxiliary ramps will be adopted, and the large-diameter deep-hole empty-field filling and mining method will be combined with the international advanced airspace. High-end cementing filling technology for full tailings, and with advanced ore dressing processes such as “small ground crushing”, “semi-self-grinding + ball milling + hard stone crushing”, 93% of molybdenum ore recovery rate and 91% beneficiation recovery rate are achieved. The indicators are more advantageous than similar mines at home and abroad. The Shapinggou molybdenum mine will be designed in strict accordance with the laws and regulations of national green mines. The “prevention-based, prevention and control combination” is the ecological protection guideline. It is estimated that the total investment in environmental protection will be nearly 1.2 billion yuan. The ore transportation will pass through the closed corridor and adopt a high-efficiency dust removal system to collect the dust for reuse. The tailings pond is designed with the flood control standard of the local millennium, and avoids overlying other mineral resources, using the comprehensive anti-seepage technology of vertical and horizontal The flood control dam that temporarily stores the floods in the flood season is built downstream, and the floods in the flood season are used for mineral processing, and the research on tailings resource utilization is carried out to realize the near-zero discharge of solid waste and wastewater in the whole process.

With the development of economy and technology, the industrial structure is optimized and upgraded, the market demand for molybdenum will increase year by year. According to the preliminary design, the construction period of Shapinggou molybdenum mine is 4.5 years, and it is expected to meet the market demand after reaching production. It is estimated that the annual output value will be 4.168 billion yuan, the total profit will be 1.572 billion yuan, and the tax payment will reach more than 1 billion yuan.

It is understood that the State Council approved the "National Mineral Resources Planning (2016~2020) Year", Shapinggou molybdenum mine was listed as one of the national molybdenum mine energy resource bases, and the National Development and Reform Commission approved by the State Council issued the "Revitalization and Development Plan for the Printing of the Dabie Mountain Revolutionary Old District" The Notice (the Development and Reform Area [2015] No. 1400) and the "Implementation Plan for the Implementation of the Revitalization and Development Plan of the Old Revolutionary Zone of the Dabie Mountains in Anhui Province", the mine as the revolutionary old district and the most valuable advantageous resource of Jinzhai County, the first batch of key poverty-stricken areas in the country Its development has far-reaching significance for precision poverty alleviation and fundamental poverty alleviation.