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French couflens tungsten gold project progress

The Apollo Minerals (Apollo Minerals) saw a tungsten mineralization with a grade of up to 8.25%WO3 in the Kufran (Couflens) project in France.

At present, the company is Thessaloniki (Salau) for tungsten and tungsten surrounding the old gold mineralization.

Last year, the company reported that a wide range of gold mineralization was reported. So the company sampled and analyzed other elements, including tungsten and copper content. The tungsten grade was found to be 3.15%, and the gold reached 3.33 grams / ton around the granodiorite.

The sampling analysis of mine tailings shows that the grade of gold is up to 8.94 grams per ton, the grade of tungsten (WO3) is up to 1% and the average grade is 0.49%.

Guyana Gold Field Ltd (Guyana Goldfields) announced the results of its two exploration in Guyana's Aroma (Iroma) and Vinam (Wynamu) scenic spots.

The Aroma vision area is 14 meters, and the gold position is 1.04 grams per ton, including 4 meters thick, gold position 1.90 grams / ton of ore section.

The Vinam vision area is 12 meters, with a gold grade of 2.67 grams per ton, including 5 meters thick, gold position 6.08 g / ton, and 2.5 m thick, and gold grade 11.73 g / ton mineralization.

Drilling in two scenic spots will continue.

Kootenai silver industry company (Kootenay Silver) announced at the Mexico Plo Monto Leo (Promontorio) (La Negra) mineralization belt Negra 10 drilling results silver recently completed.

The drill has seen a silver grade of 1625 grams per ton of mineralization in the range of 1.05 meters.