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The prices of tungsten products are rising steadily

Boom uplink The February market quotation of Ganzhou tungsten industry association showed that 65 percent wolframite concentrate was 111,000 yuan per ton, 2,000 yuan / ton per ton compared with the second half of January, 171,000 yuan / ton and 2,000 yuan / ton. Since the end of January, tungsten prices have been rising steadily and moderately. Yang Chengxiao, chief analyst of Tianfeng Securities Nonferrous Metals, believes that the number of domestic tungsten concentrate mines is now further reduced. In some areas, mines have gradually entered the maintenance stage. In addition, due to the influence of such factors as the strengthening of environmental protection supervision, the upward trend of the tungsten market has been basically established. At present, enterprises have a strong willingness to cherish and sell, most of which are mainly pre-inventory consumption, and the price is expected to continue to rise. In the middle and lower reaches of smelting, processing enterprises are supported by costs and prices rise. Downstream demand for tungsten products, mining machines and drilling machines continue to rise in the industry. According to industry statistics of the Mining Machinery Branch of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, from January to December of 2017, A total of 25 mainframe manufacturers sold 140303 excavated mechanical products, surpassing the combined sales volume of 2015 and 2016, reaching a six-year high since 2012. Industry insiders said that in the supply tight, downstream industry scene lift background, tungsten prices after the Spring Festival, "opening red" period.