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Reproducing the world's largest tungsten mine in baodi, jiangxi province (photo)

Tungsten and its alloys is the modern industry, national defence and high and new technology application in one of very important functional materials, widely used in many fields such as aerospace, military industry, is a very important strategic resources.

It is understood that the current found that more than 200000 tons of super large tungsten deposit in the world with a total of 14, which has 10 in our country, had discovered the world's largest tungsten for jiangxi wuning big pond tungsten, with reserves of 1 million tons.

Relevant experts believe that Zhu Xi is integrated the tungsten copper mine, the mainly skarn type polymetallic deposit, ore deposit scale, the grade of the rich, a total of the associated minerals, is the world largest tungsten deposit resource, yet found its equivalent to 50 large tungsten resources, is the world's largest tungsten big pond of tungsten 2.7 times. The potential economic value is estimated at about 310 billion yuan, according to the amount of resources reviewed and the current market probability.

The discovery of the deposit, further consolidate the position of jiangxi tungsten resources reserves, the world first, strengthens the notion of tungsten mines in our country in the world, and guide the tungsten exploration of mineral resources reserves and mineral resources development all has the vital significance in the future.