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It is imperative for China's tungsten mining power to transform tungsten

Tungsten is an extremely important industrial material, mainly used in hard alloy, tungsten, tungsten and tungsten steel. Among them, hard alloy is the most important downstream application of metal tungsten. From the international perspective, the tungsten demand for tungsten is 72% of the tungsten consumption. Our current share is around 54%.In the past few years, tungsten consumption in the domestic hard alloy industry has been growing at an annual rate of nearly 11%, and in addition to the strong demand of domestic metal cutting, it is expected that the tungsten consumption and proportion will increase further in the future.

Tungsten in the long run, is the foundation of the national economy and modern defense irreplaceable material and strategic resources, made of tungsten carbide has excellent wear resistance, used in the manufacture of all kinds of cutting tools, cutting tools, drilling tools and wear-resistant parts, therefore is known as "teeth" industry, widely used in the military-industrial complex, aviation, machinery, metallurgy, oil drilling, mining tools, electronic communications, construction and other fields; In addition, tungsten filament is also a key material in lighting, electronics and other industries.

Domestic high-end manufacturing capacity is insufficient.

From the perspective of production scale and market capacity, China has become the world's largest producer and consumer of cemented carbide. In terms of production capacity, China's hard alloy production accounts for 38% of global production. In terms of market capacity, China's cemented carbide sales account for 26% of global sales.

Domestic cemented carbide enterprises, however, backward technology and equipment, r&d spending less, lack of high-end technical personnel, research and development ability is weak, the production of cemented carbide products still give priority to with the medium, and most of the state was sintered products, unable to meet the needs of domestic manufacturing of carbide cutting tools, a large number of domestic manufacturing enterprise need high performance, high precision of high-grade carbide CNC blade high technology content, high additional value of tungsten products still need to be imported from abroad.