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2017 (seventh) Chinese rhenium tungsten and molybdenum industry will be forthcoming

2017 (seventh) China tungsten rhenium industry annual meeting will be held September 20th -22, held in Luoyang. The meeting with the new molybdenum industry for ten years, the green and sustainable development "as the theme, aims to establish the exchange of information technology, the global molybdenum rhenium tungsten industry chain of industry and trade cooperation, bringing the prospect of exhibition platform. Chinese has become the most influential and the commercial value of the molybdenum tungsten rhenium industry event.

The annual meeting of the relevant departments and the government will invite famous economists, relevant associations and institutions, key enterprises focus respectively on the tungsten rhenium issues for in-depth discussion and exchanges. Participant group covering domestic molybdenum rhenium tungsten mine, metallurgy, chemical industry, consumer products, traders, terminal operators, financial institutions, investment banks and related tungsten rhenium molybdenum the whole industry chain enterprises on behalf of this grand event.