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Molybdenum, use in the field of electronic and electrical

- molybdenum has good conductivity and high temperature resistance, thermal expansion coefficient and glass are similar, are widely used in the manufacture of spiral filament core wire, lead wire and hook and other components. In addition, electrode wire EDM wire molybdenum wire is also ideal for cutting machine, cutting various hard alloy steel and energy, the electric discharge machining stability that can effectively improve the precision of the molds.

Molybdenite materials with single - good semiconductor properties, some performance than the now widely used silicon and graphene, is likely to become the next generation of semiconductor materials. The California nanotechnology Institute has successfully used MoS2 produced molybdenum based flexible micro processing chip, the chip is only the same silicon chip 20% size, low power consumption, power transistor and molybdenite made in standby condition for silicon transistor 1/100000, and the ratio of graphene circuits of the same size cheaper, the circuit also has the very strong flexible, thin, can be attached to the human skin.