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Lithium cobalt tungsten and molybdenum market as non-ferrous plate full bloom

Last week (8.28-9.1) colored plates rose sharply to 7.1%, nickel and cobalt, tungsten, rare metals led, other sectors also performed well. The metal prices, and stock price movements, basic metals, rare earth metals, mostly small rose. Basic metals, we adhere to the aluminum supply side reforms logic, optimistic about the long-term sector opportunities and recommendations concern the record high prices of copper; minor metals and rare metals, suggestions focus on supply and demand improving the structure of tungsten and molybdenum and rare earth cobalt, lithium and other varieties of season prices.

Cobalt lithium: Battery season, the supply of tension, prices upward space

Last week, the domestic lithium battery continue to rise, and industrial grade mainstream price respectively in 16.5 and 148 thousand yuan / ton, up 3000 yuan. The price is mainly attributed to environmental supervision since August. According to the China chemical and Physical Power Industry Association news, the current small lithium carbonate production plant has been basically shut down all factories, influence of market supply shortage, leading manufacturers are zero inventory. Recently, the battery industry coincides with the season, further pushing up the price of lithium carbonate. The proposals concern Youngy shares and other second tier targets. Cobalt metal, the first half of this year, overseas MB cobalt prices rose as high as 92.8%. enterprises in accordance with the general cobalt 4-5 months of the inventory cycle. 17 years after the two quarter will enter the profit of honor. Along its own resources and low cost procurement ideas, proposes a focus on Luoyang molybdenum industry, Sheng Tun mining and other targets.

Tungsten: output growth is less than demand, the annual supply shortage pushed prices up

Domestic tungsten concentrate prices continued to rise last week, has reached 118 thousand yuan / ton, up 15.7%. from the September 1st Ganzhou Tungsten Industry Forum learned that although the tungsten concentrate production continued to increase (1-7 months year-on-year growth of 10.67%), but the current output growth is less than the export and consumption growth. And, in the aftermath of the 2016 and the year 20 thousand tons of tungsten consumption the country after purchasing and storage, the current inventory is not too high. The expected full year 2017 will appear in short supply, the annual supply shortage of about 8000 tons of metal, the second half of the price is expected to continue upward. Focus on mining resources producing reserves, with a complete processing system of the enterprise, such as Xiamen and Luoyang tungsten molybdenum industry.

Molybdenum: optimistic about the pull effect of steel downstream and supply side improvement

The Mo 80% downstream applications for the steel industry, we believe that the recent hot steel market will drive the demand for molybdenum. Historically, molybdenum price trend and steel prices strong correlation, but the lag of about 1.5 months. In addition, in the last week in Xi'an investigation we learned that over the past ten years molybdenum industry clearing capacity is nearing completion, the current supply and demand structure reasonable, leading the industry for the future price of molybdenum optimistic. Considering the full cost level of molybdenum and likely to resume production, within one year of 45% molybdenum concentrate price saw 1800 yuan / ton.