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Introduction to the use and application of molybdenum

The application of - Molybdenum in iron and steel industry in the leading position, accounting for about 80% of the total consumption of molybdenum, followed by chemical industry, accounting for about 10%. in addition, molybdenum is also used in electrical and electronic technology, medical and agricultural fields, accounting for about 10% of the total consumption.

The consumption of molybdenum in steel industry is the largest, mainly used in the production of alloy steel (about molybdenum in steel consumption in 43%) (about 23%), stainless steel, tool steel and high-speed steel (about 8%), and cast iron roll (about 6%). Most of the molybdenum molybdenum oxide block is directly used in steelmaking or cast iron, a small part of the first melting into iron, then used for steelmaking. Molybdenum has the following advantages: as an alloying element in steel to improve the strength and toughness of steel; improve the corrosion resistance in acid solution and the liquid metal in the steel; improve the wear resistance of steel; improve the permeability of steel quenching, welding and heat. For example, the molybdenum content of 4%-5% stainless steel is often used for such as marine equipment, chemical equipment corrosion, corrosion is serious place.

By adding other elements - molybdenum substrate (such as titanium, zirconium, hafnium, tungsten and rare earth element) of nonferrous alloys, these alloy elements not only of molybdenum alloy to solid solution strengthening and maintaining the low temperature of plastic, but also the formation of a stable, dispersed carbide phase, increase the strength of the alloy and then the crystallization temperature of molybdenum alloy. Because of its good mechanical stability, high strength, high ductility and is used for heating element, extrusion abrasive, electrode, glass melting furnace spray coating, metal processing tools, spacecraft and other parts.