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Molybdenum crucible for spinning

  • Mosten
  • 22 Jul

Spinning is a kind of pressure processing forming method used to form thin-wall hollow rotary parts. It is to apply pressure to the metal blank rotating along the same axis with the core die by the feed movement of the wheel or rod, so that it produces continuous local plastic deformation and becomes the desired hollow. Spinning molybdenum crucible is a kind of thin wall crucible formed by a single molybdenum plate through spinning process. This process can produce large size thin wall crucible.

After hot processing by spinning, the grain is extended under pressure, the physical properties are further improved, and the material consumption is reduced under the same strength requirements. Spinning molybdenum crucible has good high temperature creep resistance, plus molybdenum metal originally has a high melting point, good high temperature strength, low pollution, antifriction, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient, good hardenability characteristics, are widely used in sapphire crystal, rare earth smelting industry, coating, etc, as the melting of the container.