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Recovery of molybdenum concentrate from tailings by a new process

The iron concentrate was obtained by using the first magnetic flotation sequence for iron and molybdenum type ore. The magnetic separation tailings are floated by the process of "one coarse, two fine, two sweep coarse concentrate regrinding and cleaning four times" to realize the effective separation of molybdenum from other mineral components, and the molybdenum concentrate is obtained from the magnetic separation tailings by zui. The key technologies are as follows: first, the low grade concomitant molybdenum is recovered economically and effectively from iron ore, which solves the technical problem of iron and molybdenum ore separation, and realizes the recovery of low grade molybdenum from iron molybdenum ore for the first time and obtains qualified molybdenum concentrate; Secondly, the preconcentration of molybdenum can be realized at the same time of iron concentration by using the separation sequence of magnetic field and floatation. Thirdly, on the basis of using the traditional sodium silicate to disperse the slime and restrain gangue, the combination of adjusting agents is used to restrain other minerals and reduce the adverse effect of ions on molybdenum flotation. Fourth, the reagent used for molybdenum separation is non-toxic or low-toxic flotation reagent, which has no adverse effect on the environment, and the fifth is to add coarse concentrate regrinding and scrubbing in the process after twice cleaning, so as to create conditions for obtaining qualified products after many times of cleaning again.